Abhay Rangan makes plant-based food happen

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If you run a plant-based business, or plan to start one or work for one, this is your #1 guide to doing it right!
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Here's how you can make plant based food happen


Build a scalable and sustainable model that increases access to plant-based food. For-profits are flexible and at a large enough scale, can create massive impact.

I pursue this model through Veganarke.

Start a non-profit

Leverage philanthropic resources and the benefits of a non-profit structure to introduce policy reform or increase access to plant based food.

Enable others

Intrapreneurship is increasingly becoming popular. You can join a plant-based organization and perform like a rockstar. Or, you can invest, donate, volunteer-for, consult or offer your skills to other entities in this space, or help make connections happen.


Quadruple Bottomline

It isn’t just ‘People, Planet and Profit’ anymore. The old triple-bottomline forgot to include one key stakeholder in our ecosystem – animals.
We’ve got ‘Humans, Planet, Animals, Profit’ now. A quadruple bottomline.

Social Entrepreneurship

New-age business models are social. And not in the Facebook kind of way. Social entrepreneurship leverage the tools of business to boost causes. What a great way to get the best of both non-profit and for-profit worlds!


Sustainable, scalable revolution – that’s what I think of plant-based food. Remember when humans used to *eat* animals? Our grandkids certainly won’t. It’s time we moved on to cleaner, meaner and greener food.

All for a cause

The best way to stay relevant in a dynamic marketplace is to be a demonstrable force of good. Great companies are also good companies. Who says ‘adding value to consumers’ and ‘adding value to causes’ are mutually exclusive?

My Story

Abhay Rangan is Plantrepreneur. He builds plant based businesses for one thing and one thing only- large scale impact. With insights he acquired from his non-profit days (SARV, a non-profit he founded when he was 16 grew to more than 600 volunteers in 10 cities), Abhay quickly realised that the world was consuming and producing content radically differently – for impact. Celebrities were increasingly using their platforms to advances causes, and new age businesses were dominating the conversation- and dethroning their legacy competitors- all by showing how much they cared.

Abhay brings this insight and learning into Goodmylk, a venture he founded with the singular mission to make plant-based food affordable and accessible in India.

Early life

Abhay was born in Mysore, Karnataka, India on the 19th of January, 1997. He was fortunate enough to be born into a family that encouraged him taking risks and let him venture out into music and debate contests, most of which he won. He also trained rigorously in Carnatic vocals since the age of five, and gave his first performance at the age of 12. In 10th grade, Abhay won his high school elections as the head for Cultural and Literary activities for his school. It was around this time Abhay’s ambitions started taking shape.

Abhay is 21 years old, so this Early Life part isn’t over yet. Stay tuned.

Society for Animal Rights and Veganism

At the age of 16, Abhay started a non-profit that would go on to become one of the most active animal rights networks in India. His work got recognised by media houses and mission-allied organisations, and Abhay got to address audiences about animal rights and the plant-based food revolution in over 10 cities in 2 countries. With his razor-sharp communication skills, Abhay moved audiences and built what would become Goodmylk’s first base of customers (although he had no idea then)


Abhay started Goodmylk to plant based food affordable and accessible in India. He co-founded it with his mother. In their early days, Abhay’s mother Veena was manufacturing Goodmylk products in the kitchen of their house. Abhay would come back home from college and deliver their products to customers’ doorsteps on his bike.

They have come a long way since and now manufacture out of a commercial facility and deliver their products all over India.


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